The Music Multiverse

Launching Early 2023 🚀


Find Your Tribe

Create or join music groups. With your friends, for your communities, people who share your taste, or entire cities!

Online Sessions

Listen Together

Hangout with the community, meet new people, and discover music all while listening together.

Offline Meetups

Meet IRL

We aren't just an online community. Join us in music gigs, impromptu hangouts, or periodic Lishash meetups in your city.

Music Recommendations

Super Share

Share the tracks you love with multiple people, and groups, at once. Each track becomes a separate thread.


Humans >>> AI

Lishash is loaded with features that give you insane amount of control over what plays.You, not algorithms, are in charge here.

Stay Connected

We are everywhere. Join us on the platforms of your choice, and stay updated with what's happening in the community.